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With an ESP or ESP-Si Series Controller at the heart of your irrigation system, you’ll enjoy worry-free operation at its finest. Never have controllers been as easy to understand or as simple to program as Rain Bird’s ESP and ESP-Si Series. They’re highly reliable and attractive to look at, too. Beauty and brains – a perfect combination.

Outstanding Features

  • Simple dial makes programming easy.
  • Large crystal display guides you with easy-to-read work prompts.
  • Flexible scheduling options allow you to tailor your watering times to the specific needs of your lawn.
  • Dual programming allows your delicate flower beds to have separate watering schedules from you lawn.
  • Water budgeting enables you to decrease the amount of water you use with the touch of a single button.

For a Beautiful Landscape and Peace of Mind

Relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn. Your ESP or ESP-Si Series Controller will turn your sprinklers on and off for you. A variety of water-saving features will help you manage your water use, too. You can count on ESP and ESP-Si Series Controllers to ensure that your sprinklers will operate precisely on schedule, whether you’re at home or not.